The Future is Now…

Chad Hersh

Earlier this week, I gave a presentation about the Future of Insurance, which discussed potential disruptions from non-traditional players like Wal-Mart. My slide said:

  • How many times do we have to hear about companies like Wal-Mart considering selling—and manufacturing—insurance before we believe it will happen?
  • What are you doing to prepare?
  • Think about it…
    • In the Wal-Mart example, distribution would be completely upended with an agency in every store (they did it with optical care)
    • They have a pharmacy in every store that could do life paramed exams
    • They believe in taking out costs not for the sake of increasing profits but for lowering prices; imagine the impact

Then this morning, a friend sent this tweet of a display from Wal-Mart:

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait long for the future to arrive!

(Picture Courtesy of @tadeyoung)