Transformation Projects: A Roadmap

Rob McIsaac

As I pointed out on our blog yesterday, senior IT managers are facing an increasingly complex environment when applying technology solutions—a fact that’s only more clear to CIOs as they embark on transformation efforts. To survive and thrive in the future, CIOs need to be leaders facilitating and supporting business transformation, which is far more than simply replacing or upgrading technology environments.

In my latest report, Insurance IT Transformation Checklist, I provide a roadmap of things to consider before and during any significant transformational program. While these projects are exciting and engaging for organizations and IT teams, they are also fraught with risk. Options abound, new solutions appear quickly, and the risks of choosing poorly can be significant. Factor in business variables like continued margin pressure and increasing competitive threats, and the view forward can be anything but clear for companies and the tech organizations that support them.

In addition to outlining 10 factors CIOs should think about when executing a transformation program, the report also includes a discussion of how to prepare for and manage such a project. These projects represent the kinds of challenges motivated IT executives look for—high impact opportunities to create business value and potential competitive advantage through the thoughtful, creative use of technology. As the pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing, this moment is one of great opportunity for the properly positioned and engaged technology organization.

A free preview of the report is available online here.