New Briefs: Avoiding Over-Customization, Negotiating Software, and Guide for Business Execs

Matthew Josefowicz

We’ve published two new briefs on best practices for insurer CIOs and their teams, and one for CIOs to share with their business peers:

Rob McIsaac and Sarah Bogan have provided a checklist for avoiding the perils of over-customization in policy administration systems projects by focusing on driving adoption of new practices rather than adapting new systems to old practices.

Karlyn Carnahan outlines best practices in negotiating enterprise software terms and conditions with detailed guidelines on things to watch out for.

I’ve written a guide for business executives on maximizing the value of their IT investments, highlighting 9 key steps to take to run, grow, and transform your organization more effectively.

Maximum IT Value

Several of our CIO clients have already shared this one from their seats at the top table and found it to be effective.